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at The Pines

Quality Assurance.

Any issues that arise are always dealt with efficiently and communication between Pines and ourselves is generally very good.

I am so happy that my son is under their care and I am grateful forever to them all

Pines' responses to COVID-19 has been timely and comprehensive. policies and procedures to keep clients and staff safe seem to be working. All staff have had to work in different ways and families of clients are very grateful for all their efforts.

We feel Stephen is very lucky to have a place at Capstone RD. Thank you for all your support. 

We are very grateful and happy with the caring and concern on all levels and I know how lucky Alex is to be looked after by all of you.

Managers have a really good knowledge of what is going on with all the clients and can match carers and clients well. 

I still very much like working for Pines Home Care and continue to enjoy working with the clients I support on a daily basis. I also like the flexibility working as a support worker and that I have never been declined a holiday in 5 years I have worked. 

Thoroughly enjoy working for The Pines. I am very fond of the clients I support and feel I have a good working relationship with their families.  

During this pandemic, The Pines have put the needs of the clients and staff first and I am glad that I work for them 

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